Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 10

So what
of our being called to love
will move us from our
deceptively dependable
train car cabins
of living for tomorrow?

Tomorrow will not come; only today.

That is why duty never rests.
But emanates ever from the willing heartbeat of its owner.


All I have ever wanted was to give myself away as a gift of love, and to bear the consequences. Perhaps I shall be led to new strength.

Hold my love tenderly, but be not afraid lest it die. For only neglect, out of apathy or fear, will give it place to asphixiate.

Take it up, examine it in the light, in the dark and in the twilight. See how it resonates with joy in the embrace of the earth. Touch with your hand, or cradle it in your arms, and it will show you what it means when the leaves burn and die.

Pressed close to your heart, it will gaze at the pulsing wonder of your very life. Challenge it, and it will grow in strength. Speak, and ice will fall from the stars.

Ways of knowing shall tumble open, the floodgates will burst, and we shall be drenched.

Give your love in return, and we shall burn forever.

Oh this will consume me. But I would rather my Life consumed by Love than wasted at the cool altar of pleasure and memory.