Monday, February 8, 2010

If I were not I

After the wedding I knew I needed to make peace with my brother, so I spoke with him, and told him that I loved him.

He was distant, but seemed re-assured, and almost penitent.

I was tired; I went to go take out my contacts. In my room, everything was blurry, but I knew where my glasses were. I took them out of their case, only to find them rendered useless and unwearable by rows of ominous runes etched into the lenses. I could not read them, yet a few meanings jumped out at me: evil, revenge.

"a curtain of snow"

Everywhere, in strange glittering figures, all over the walls.

The first attempt was by a postal delivery man. I went to get something to use as a weapon from the utility room, and grabbed a large screw driver. I thought I might try to face him, but sensing my own doom, I escaped out the basement. Immediately, the snow began to pour, inches of it every minute, and I knew I wouldn't make it very far.

The second attempt.

I was in a wood, waiting endlessly with my sister. A man approached out of nowhere - there was no time to run. I started to back away. He asked me to verify my name, which I denied, giving the name of one of my best friends instead. As he stopped to ponder this for a moment, I turned and began to run. Once again, the curtain of snow.

Then, he had chased me out of the snow and into a library. We slowed to a walk for civility's sake, and I kept trying to think of an ending in which I escaped, but I was losing hope. A librarian approached me with a slip of paper, asking me to verify my name. I once again denied it, giving a different name, only the last name Garlin. I could see the door to the archives off to the right, if only I could make it that far. I heard the man whisper something to the librarian; she did not reply, but must have shown him the paper, as he then said "I just wanted to make sure."

I heard a click. I dropped onto my stomach beneath a table. He was standing over me and my head was about to explode. I wondered what it would be like.

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